Airports/Cargo Terminals/Docks
As we all know, it is now essential that we monitor who and what is coming in and out of our borders. Midwest offers a full line of CCTV equipment that can meet all of your needs. From general surveillance to capturing facial features of individuals, Midwest has a product that will meet all of your CCTV needs. If you need a simple fixed 4-camera system all the way up to a complete matrix system with PTZ cameras and digital recording, Midwest can design a system that will assure our assets are protected.

Educational Facilities
From daycare to elementary to high school to college, it has never been more important to protect our future. Midwest offers a full-line of cameras, recording devices, and remote access equipment that can help every learning institution in protecting their students and faculty. Midwest can offer your facility a CCTV system that will meet the needs of even the most demanding locations; all while keeping in mind that budget constraints are always an issue. Whether you are looking for a simple closed in system or you are looking for a completely networkable system that will allow administrators to view cameras from remote locations, Midwest's Systems Consultants will gladly work with you to make sure you get a system that will meet all of your needs.

Hospital/Medical Facilities
Now, more than ever, it is essential for those that treat the sick, the young, and the old to monitor their facilities, while maintaining a patients right to privacy. Midwest has equipment in many hospitals throughout the country that are doing just that. Whether you are looking to monitor your waiting area, or if you need a 100 plus camera system that covers all the public areas of the facility, Midwest will work with you and your staff to make sure that all of your needs are met in a way that will provide quality video monitoring, while providing an inconspicuous appearance.

Line productivity, Quality Control, Perimeter Security, Workers Compensation, etc. These are all issues that facilities have to deal with on a daily basis. Let Midwest help you design a system to meet all of your needs. Whether you need equipment that can focus on output displays, watch an assembly line, or even monitor entire parking lots Midwest will make sure you get the equipment you need.

Not only is CCTV an effective tool for deterring theft and vandalism, but it is also an excellent marketing tool. Let Midwest work with you to make sure you have CCTV system that will protect you, your equipment & employees, your visitors, and their assets and increase your marketability in relation to your competition. Whether you are looking for a simple black & white system, or a completely integrated system Midwest has the knowledge and the expertise to design a system that will meet your security needs & reposition your company in the marketplace, all while working within a budget.

Retail Loss Prevention
This is perhaps one of the most disturbing words in the retail industry today. Companies lose Billions of dollars annually to theft, not only from their customer, but also from their employees. There is a phrase, "10% of people will steal from you no matter what you do to prevent it, 10% will never steal from you no matter the situation, & 80% will steal from you if they think that they won't be caught." Midwest has always looked at that 80% and tried to reduce it. CCTV is an excellent deterrent from shoplifting, and if used covertly an excellent way to gather evidence. Whether you are looking for a small 1 or 2 camera system, or if you need to network multiple stores together, Midwest has a solution that will meet your expectations.